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Rom wireless network card to solve the problem?
Updated:2011.07.03 Source: Clicks:

Symptom: buy a wireless router to set up a home network, but he ran in the use of a strange phenomenon, through the cable to the computer and wireless router connection can be normal, but through wireless LAN and wireless router connected to Shique can not browse the Web.

 Failure analysis and solution: Since the normal wired network wireless network card so the first suspect a problem, but after the replacement of a wireless network card failure remains. Then check the wireless router's configuration, the normal dial-up, DNS server address is correct, the wireless signal is open, NAT open, MAC / IP address filtering turned off, all configurations are no problem.
 By this time there is no problem landing QQ wireless network card, wireless network, the computer seems to just browse the web there is a problem, cause of the malfunction should be out on the DNS domain name resolution.
 Finally, open the wireless network card "Properties" page in the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" to fill out the correct DNS server address, click "OK" after troubleshooting.